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    When sending in your resume for an audition you will often be required to send a picture of yourself.  This "headshot" will be your first chance to make an impression on your potential employer.  It is vital that this portrait not only shows the casting person what you look like, but it is also important that your personality shines through.

    There are many questions to answer.  Do I choose black and white or colour?  Head and shoulders or full body? Props or not.  Whatever you decide to do make sure that you ask your photographer to show you some of their portfolio.  When you are looking ask yourself "do I like the pictures and what can I tell about the subjects?"

    Every photographer has his/her own style when it comes to taking a portrait and this should be another factor in your decision making process.  Do they have an understanding of the requirements of a casting agency?  Do they enhance you image on the computer and if so how obvious are the results.

    Getting the right headshot can be a daunting and costly process, however getting the wrong image can be more costly.  Take the worry out of the process by getting in touch with Apt Creative Photography for your professional headshots.  Follow this link to find out all about out headshot package and how much it would cost you to have your headshot taken here.

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