• Product Photography

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There are two main types of product photography;
The factual and the aspirational. Each type serves a different purpose and as such will have a different effect on a viewer. Whichever your preference or requirement, Apt Creative can supply the perfect imagery for you. We can take the seamless images which would suit on your website or we can produce the “in situ” images that create an atmosphere. This service can be performed in our studio or we can come to your premises and create an image that ties in perfectly with your brand identity. To discuss your requirements in more detail then please contact Apt Creative using the contact form above.
The ‘factual’ type has become widespread for online shops
and consists of a "plan view" of an object on a white "invisible" background. Its purpose is to show the object seamlessly on a webpage with a white background which although functional does not carry an emotional response. It is a shot that was made popular with the advent of online shopping portals and basic results can be obtained by most people, however, for really professional results a lot of practice and skill is required.
The ‘aspirational’ product photograph is much more traditional
And will often show a product close up. It may also show a product from a different angle or in a real life situation. It’s main purpose is to illicit an emotional response from the viewer. The aspirational photograph will create a desire for an item and create in your customer the idea that they need whatever you are selling. This type of image shows them how your product will fit into their lifestyle, from the cakes that look good enough to eat to the watch on the models wrist.
As with all professional services there is a cost,
with some of the big companies paying thousands of pounds to achieve the image that fits in with their brand identity. This service does not have to cost the earth as long as you go into a session with a clear brief and knowing exactly what look you want to achieve.