Your image as a gallery-quality mounting, the size you want it – that’s our premium product, the original photo print on aluminium Dibond. We use only the highest quality, brand-name paper from Fuji, Kodak, or Ilford for your photo. To protect against external elements, we laminate it with a razor-thin UV film. The laminated print is then mounted on a sturdy aluminium Dibond backing panel. Once set on the triple-reinforced base, your work has the ideal protection against loss of shape. The low weight also lets you hang your favourite image on the wall with ease, even if it’s a panorama or large format.

Your original photo print is mounted on the sturdy yet surprisingly light aluminium Dibond, which is particularly suitable for large format photos. Each of our brand-name photo papers ensure the finest image detail and tonality. We then laminate every photo print with a protective film, which we guarantee to be free of bubbles, tears, and dust. A 70 µm, razor-thin layer protects your images from sunlight, dirt, and splashes of water. This finish is available in matte or glossy and lets you strengthen the effect of your work, either by adding shine or highlighting its rawness.

Size - in inches


6 x 4 - Roughly A6 N/A Many premium papers to choose from
12 X 8 - Roughly A4 £36.74 table and ultra-light
16 X 12 - Roughly A3 £55.65 Mounting on an aluminium Dibond panel
24 X 16 - Roughly A2 £88.83 Matte or glossy UV-protective lamination
33 X 23 - Roughly A1 £156.94 Integrated hanging System
Square 4 X 4 POA  
Square 8 X 8 POA