Display your favourite photos just as the leading galleries and museums present their works: as original photo prints under acrylic glass. Our leading product starts with a photo print on your choice of three high-end photo papers from Fuji, Kodak, and Ilford. The 6mm acrylic glass gives your image remarkable depth and brilliance that will make an impact on any audience.  We mount your original photo print on an aluminium Dibond base. This has proven to be extremely stable and is of the highest quality. Finally, we seal the mounted photo under acrylic glass using elastic silicone.

Your original photo print will be mounted on a sturdy aluminium backing. This 0.12" thick, brand-name aluminium Dibond backing is known for its extreme stability and low weight. The composite material consists of two platinum-white aluminium sheets and a polyethylene core. The remarkable strength of aluminium Dibond sets it apart from other lightweight foam boards - it almost never loses shape. Even oversized and panorama formats are produced in gallery perfection.

Size - in inches


6 x 4 - Roughly A6 N/A Premium, glossy acrylic glass
12 X 8 - Roughly A4 £51.69 True photographic print on high-end paper
16 X 12 - Roughly A3 £76.99 Perfect silicone sealing
24 X 16 - Roughly A2 £140.24 Brilliance lasts for 75 years
33 X 23 - Roughly A1 POA Aluminium Dibond backing
Square 4 X 4 POA Premium product, meets high standards
Square 8 X 8 POA Hanging system included