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Apt Creative is now running a selection of photography courses from its studio in Newton Abbot.

All too often photography courses are designed for people with expensive cameras in mind.  It is just as possible to get excellent pictures with basic equipment, even with the camera on a mobile phone.

"The creation of a timeless image is about the way in which you look at the world."

What are the ideas behind these courses?

With guidance, you will be able to create images that could grace the walls of any exhibition space.

The photography courses have been designed to cater for all levels of student ability.  The student is encouraged to look at the way in which they view images from both a creative AND technical standpoint.  Working with equipment and software that is accessible to most people, we aim to show you how to get the most out of your camera and how to revitalise the way in which you take images.

We have 2 options available to you there are the 1 day courses which are held monthly and will focus on a specific subject or alternatively we can arrange 1:1 tuition which will be focussed on exactly what you would like to cover. 

Come and create a work of art with Apt Creative Photography.

The "Calender Classes" are a series of practical workshops that will focus on a specific area of photography.  They will happen every other month and will be a full day course with a limited number of places available.

In order to attend one of the "Calender" sessions you should have a "working" understanding of composition and exposure.  Although the group will be small enough that you will be able to get individual attention, you will get the most from these sessions if you are able to work your camera.

Some of the topics that we will be covering in the future are

  • light and how to control it
  • The world within - an introduction to Macro Photography
  • Portraiture - working with the face
  • Pets
  • The Culling process - what makes one image stronger than another
  • How to get the best pics of your children.

Is there a specific area that you would like to explore in more depth but are not sure where to start?  Then talk to Apt Creative Photography.

Dependent on your experience and understanding of the basic principles we can choose from either a half or full day and breaks can be built in.  Rob will work closely with you and you will leave at the end of the lesson with a greater understanding of your chosen area of study.

Whether it's working with lights in the studio or with still life and painting with light, night-time/low light photography or advanced composition after an initial consultation, Rob will create a lesson that will fit with your needs exactly.



  • Are you confused by ISO, F14, 1/250, AE, AV, TV, M, P?
  • Would you like to know how to get the pictures that your camera is capable of taking?
  • Would you like to take your camera off automatic and still get great results?
  • What is the "Exposure Triangle" and why do I need to know? What is DoF or SV or ISO

We will cover the technical basics of photography and develop your eye for an image.

We will be looking at all of the modes found on your digital camera and working on small specific projects that will enable you to not only understand what each mode does, but when you should use them to help you create that perfect image.  You will be working both individually to take the images and then, as part of a group, evaluating the images (all guided by Rob).

The course has been designed to give you the confidence not only to see the image that you want to take, but also to give you the technical skills to make that vision a reality.

You will also receive a large print of your work to keep for your own portfolio.

  • Age: 17yrs +
  • Places: 8 available
  • Venue: JJ's Arts Academy, 11 St Paul's Rd, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2HP


  • “I feel as though Rob has taught me how to focus on the picture I want to take then to focus on how the light affects it, and the textures that are there. I feel like i’ve been on a journey through photography”
  • “since starting to work with Rob, my photo’s are great. Before I would have people say ‘Sue, your photo’s are awful’ but I just loved taking them anyway. Before this i would stay in a lot doing things for others, but was not really happy with my life as I had no me time that made me feel good. So working and learning from Rob has been great. I now take great photos I feel great about everything as taking photos makes me feel good, and I had a lot of fun with Rob, well we all did he makes learning fun and gets the best out of you.”
    Sue L
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