Anyone who posts images online should be made aware of the new legislation being passed by the UK Government means that as long as a company can "say" that they have performed "a diligent search" for the owner of the work then they will be free to use your photo, music, book etc......


"No actual definition of constitutes a ‘diligent search’ has yet been made."

"Under the provisions in this ERR Act it will be legal to exploit a copyright work without the knowledge or permission of its creator."

In effect the government have made a mockery of the copyright legislation and potentially allowed the use of your intellectual property by big companies for no recompense or acknowledgement.

How does this effect you...

Imagine that you take a picture or a video that you are really proud of so you post it to facebook. Your friends share it because they like it and their friends share it. Someone then adds it to a different blog or social media site . A big company sees it on a sharing site and decides that they want to use it in a campaign. Now they have permission to do "a diligent search" and then just use it. How would you feel seeing your image in a magazine or your video in an advert without you having given your permission or more importantly, get paid for it?

Now, if that company had gone to the Getty Stock Agency, for "Advertising: Unlimited – Worldwide rights", in Medium resolution they may have to pay around £3135 for your video of the Cornish landscape. See for yourself here;

Alternatively that picture of your Auntie's cat in a hat would have cost £319. See for yourself here;


What can you do.  We would suggest that you add watermarks on all images posted on to the internet in a bid to ensure that the images cannot be classed as "orphan".  This can be done easily online without any additional software.  just type "watermark online images" into your search engine and follow one of the links shown below.  If you are creating a video then try adding a title page to the beginning and the end, alternatively add a copyright text layer a the footer of the video using your favourite video editing software.

Please pass this on and urge anyone posting online to take action..

Read more at the link below and find out what you can do.